It’s an honor to represent the great people of North Central Washington. In addition to my work at the Legislature, I’ve served as the executive director for the Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce for more than 14 years. I also oversee the company finances and payroll for my family’s 112-year-old orchard business.

My legislative priorities include creating a more friendly business climate in our region and throughout the state. Small businesses have a difficult time absorbing health insurance costs, dealing with burdensome regulations, and paying heavy B&O taxes. That needs to change. We must focus on public policy that allows businesses to thrive and job creators to prosper.

Despite our region’s prosperity, buying a home and raising a family has become far too expensive. We must do more to make life affordable. That’s why I’m committed to reducing tax burdens and supporting efforts to reduce the rising costs of buying, building, or renting a home.

Additionally, I’m a strong supporter of greater educational and scholastic opportunities for all students in our state, along with increased access for those interested in career and technical training.

As your state representative, it’s my job to listen, help, and be your voice in Olympia. That’s why your input is critical. Please contact me if you have ideas, concerns, or questions about state government-related issues.

I’m always glad to hear from you!

Rep. Mike Steele
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Election-year restrictions prohibit me from updating my website until after the November 2024 election. However, you are still welcome to contact me anytime.

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My Priorities

We need to make Washington affordable again

Washington state is becoming less affordable due to the introduction of new taxes, fees, and regulations, along with a lack of tax relief. The implementation of the cap-and-trade program has significantly increased fuel, energy, and grocery prices. To ease the burden on Washingtonians, decisive action is necessary, such as banning income taxes, rescinding the long-term care payroll tax, and refunding a portion of surplus tax dollars collected to taxpayers.

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Fix the public safety crisis

Over the past few years, changes to law enforcement policies have caused serious damage, necessitating immediate action due to the sharp increase in crime rates across our state. In my view, reinstating vehicular pursuit laws is a positive step, but we must also boost funding and support retention strategies to increase and retain law enforcement officers. This will enable police to apprehend criminals and expand their workforce and capabilities, which will help prevent violent crime and property theft while keeping our neighborhoods and people safe.

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Addressing the housing crisis

Land use policies and zoning regulations have exacerbated the housing availability and affordability crisis in Washington. House Republicans have introduced bills to streamline construction regulations, propose tax credits to encourage landlords to lower rents, and address issues such as permit delays and outdated building restrictions. Removing barriers to homebuilding and offering incentives like tax credits are important steps we can take to alleviate the crisis and provide more stable and affordable housing options.

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Meet Mike Steele

Sworn into office in 2017, Mike Steele represents the 12th District, which includes parts of Chelan, Douglas, King and Snohomish counties. Mike’s passion for economic vitality, sustainable job growth, and career and technical education is the foundation of his legislative work. As the deputy leader of the House Republican...

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